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Missouri City Texas - Interior House Painting

Another project that the Tex Touch Painting Inc. crew completed was in Missouri. Our painting skills rely on approved and accredited techniques, as well as modern and efficient practices. Here, we painted the interior of the house and gave it a completely new look. The customer was very satisfied.

Jersey Village City Texas - Exterior House Painting & Remodeling

In this project, Tex Touch Painting Inc. had been recommended by a client to remodel an exterior house boards, we renovated the exterior side walls that were damaged by the flood, cutting, replacing, and installing durable siding wooden boards. We then painted all exterior walls with high quality materials. The customer was more than satisfied by saving his house from damages that had been done to his house.

Spring City Texas - Exterior House Painting

This project done by Tex Touch Painting Inc. was as much fun as it was qualitative. We did power washing for each of the: exterior house walls, the walk-in, and garage entrance. We cleaned all bricks from mud and dust, then we painted the bricks with primer and applied a fresh red coat of paint over it using high-quality materials from our trusted Sherwin Williams Products. We then lined between bricks with white paint color giving the house an attractive and quite unique look between the other neighborhood houses.

Tex Touch Painting Inc.

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