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Houston City Texas - Exterior House Painting

In this project, Tex Touch Painting Inc. changed some exterior wall siding, which was damaged and had some leakage and dampness issues; and replaced it with new siding walls. After that, we painted exterior walls with a soft light grey color and the house trims with dark coffee-bean brown color as the customer ordered. The customer was completely satisfied and content.

Bellaire City Texas - Exterior House Remodeling

This project was implemented on exterior house painting and patio remodeling. After power washing all the exterior walls of the house, we applied primer, then we painted all exterior walls with a pearl shade using high quality products. After that we remodeled the patio by removing old grass and leveling the land with soil. Then we installed rectangular tile blocks, chosen by the customer, and filled the regions between the tiles with a selection of white stones the same way we did for the walkway in front of the house. Now the house looks amazing with this transform and the customer is very content with the results he got.

Cypress City Texas - Exterior House Painting

The Tex Touch Painting Inc. crew did a full power washing for the whole exterior walls and trims, cleaning it from depositing mud and dust. After that we applied a primary coat layer with primer followed by 2 coats of high-quality paint material for the exterior walls. We used 2 different colors for walls and trims; and we added some dark color to window frames and dentals around the house and we painted all chimneys with dark color, lined with lighter paint. We also painted the mailbox. All these small details made a big difference and provided a unique appearance to the house which made the house stand out in its neighborhood.

Houston City Texas - Interior House Remodeling

In this project Tex touch Painting Inc. replaced the old carpets of the whole house, then we replaced the old wooden flooring with a new porcelain tile combination installed by out crew. The customers were involved in every step of the process; we installed tiles and carpets of their choice for the first and second floors of the house. Our capable team then painted the interior walls and ceilings with a white and light grey combination using only the best paint products. Then they painted the kitchen cabinets after replacing the old wooden kitchen counter with a durable granite counter, making the kitchen look fresh and modern.

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