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Katy City Texas - Interior Commercial Designing & Remodeling

In this project, Tex Touch Painting Inc. installed Sheetrocks for the entire walls using our professional crew skills and high-quality equipment. We then applied tape, float, and sanding. After that, we converted the walls by designing a decorative ceiling with drywalls and installing hidden lights to give it a modern touch. Following design and installation, we spread the new tile ceramic and we built a counter with a fine granite top surface. Finally, we furnished the wall with some decorative wall shelves and closets. We transform these local properties, in need of desperate make-over, from nothing into something calibrated and designed attractively and modernly. You can take a wild guess at the number of customers who went to the salon -after renovation- and asked for our contact information!

Kenedy City Texas - Interior Commercial Painting & Remodeling

In this project Tex Touch Painting Inc. installed Sheetrocks for the whole walls, then we applied tape, float, and sanding. The next step we took was we put on the primer; the first painting coat, and then we applied three coats of purple-colored paint as per the customer’s choice. After finishing the walls, we began installing insulation for the ceilings and installing ceiling tiles. After that we designed a thin rectangular box that stored all the plumbing work pipes attached to a small wall in the entrance. Work was completed before the scheduled timing. We like to think that we exceeded what we had expected, and our customer was very content.

Rosharon City Texas - Kitchen Cabinets Painting

In this project Tex Touch Painting Inc. did a great transformation of color for kitchen cabinets, after sanding, applying primer, and spraying cabinets with a customized grey color. Customers were very surprised by this change in their kitchen and practically fell in love with it!

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